R & D Engineer

R & D Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for carrying out preliminary market research and data analysis of new product development;

2. Participate in formulating new product R&D programs;

3. Implement R&D programs and implement product research and development;

4. Implement new product testing and collect customer feedback and opinions;

5, the existing product innovation.


1. Master's degree or above, agronomy, forestry, horticulture, crop cultivation and farming, vegetable science, soil science, plant nutrition, and related majors; experience in research and development of agricultural and forestry technology is preferred;

2. Understand and master the application of matrix cultivation and facility agriculture related knowledge and matrix products;

3. Understand and be familiar with the technical methods and working principles of the matrix product R&D;

4, with a strong information collection, data analysis capabilities;

5, good communication, organization, coordination ability; strong teamwork ability.


Corporate benefits: Five insurances, one gold, year-end double pay, paid annual leave, holiday benefits, employee travel, professional training, and multiple salary adjustments each year



Contact: HR

Contact Tel: (If you meet, you will see, declined to call)

Resume delivery email: syf@jp2003.com


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