Sales Area Manager/Salesman

Sales Area Manager/Salesman

Job Responsibilities:

1, according to the sales manager's arrangement, complete sales targets;

2. Regularly return customers who are in their own jurisdiction to maintain a good relationship of cooperation;

3. Actively participate in relevant industry promotion meetings, and participate in related activities such as the development of domestic large-scale industry exhibitions;

4. Actively develop new customers, maintain existing customers, and establish customer files;

5, according to the customer purchase and sales plan to ensure timely payment of goods in place, the establishment of customer credit files, improve the recovery rate of goods;

6. Obey the company's management system, and submit sales plans, sales summary reports and sales reports, etc. on a regular basis in accordance with departmental management objectives;

7. We agree with the company's management philosophy and corporate culture and actively participate in various activities organized by the company.

job requirements:

1. College degree or above, major in horticulture, forestry, agronomy, plant protection, biology, etc., work experience in relevant industries is preferred;

2, have a good oral expression ability, cheerful personality, courage to challenge themselves;

3, have the intention to develop in the sales industry, have a strong initiative, can work hard, have a strong sense of responsibility;

4, can adapt to frequently send business trips (South China, Central China, North China and other regions).

Corporate welfare: five insurances, one gold, year-end bonuses, year-end bonuses, holiday benefits, employee travel, professional training, salary adjustments, etc.


Contact: HR

Contact Tel: (If you meet, you will see, declined to call)

Resume delivery email: syf@jp2003.com


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