cost accounting

cost accounting

Academic requirements: College degree or above

Work Location: Huli District, Xiamen City

Reference monthly salary: 4000-6000 yuan/month

Working hours: 8.0 hours/day 5 days/week

Salary and benefits: Five insurances, housing accumulation fund, commercial insurance, paid annual leave, year-end double pay, performance bonus, holiday benefits, professional training, employee travel, annual salary increase

Job Responsibilities:

1. Implement and improve cost accounting methods, and participate in the establishment and improvement of cost management systems;

2. Responsible for the company's cost accounting and analysis work, prepare and issue cost accounting and analysis reports;

3. Responsible for the company's inventory accounting and analysis work, and regularly organize stock inventory check;

4. Participate in the company's cost control, follow up and supervise the implementation of the cost improvement plan;

5. Participate in the preparation of the company's cost budget;

job requirements:

1, skilled use of excel function formula; familiar with the gold disc financial software; have experience in participating in ERP implementation is preferred;

3. There are working experiences of large and medium-sized enterprises with the same position for 3 years and above;

2, have a good professional ethics, integrity, sense of responsibility and principle;

3, with strong communication and coordination capabilities and pressure resistance.

Contact: HR

Contact Tel: (If you meet, you will see, declined to call)

Resume delivery email: syf@jp2003.com


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