Hosting accounting (outbound Tibet)

Hosting accounting (outbound Tibet)

Academic requirements: College degree or above

Reference monthly salary: 6000-10000 yuan/month

Salary and welfare: Five insurance, housing accumulation fund, commercial insurance, paid annual leave, year-end double pay, performance bonus, travel subsidies, holiday benefits, professional training, regular medical examination, multiple salary adjustments each year, full attendance awards, package eaten, wrap up

Job Responsibilities:

1. Be responsible for daily accounting, tax-related business processing and financial management of subsidiaries;

2. Actively cooperate with the general manager of the subsidiary company and do a good job in business support and accounting supervision.

3, strictly based on the company's approval authority and related rules and regulations, review, control all costs, expenses, and implement financial budget;

4. Strengthen asset management of subsidiaries to protect the safety and integrity of subsidiaries' assets;

5. Participate in the management and management of subsidiaries, analyze the economic activities of subsidiaries, and propose management improvement plans and proposals to the headquarters and its subsidiaries;

6. Other work required by the company.


job requirements:

1. Good professional ethics, integrity, strong sense of responsibility and principle;

2. Have strong communication and coordination capabilities and resistance to pressure;

3, more than four years of accounting work experience, an independent director of a unit of financial accounting work for not less than two years, familiar with the technical work procedures and accounting methods for each post of accounting work, with a certain degree of comprehensive analysis and judgment ability;

Contact: HR

Contact Tel: (If you meet, you will see, declined to call)

Resume delivery email: syf@jp2003.com


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