Engineering Accounting (Tibet)

Engineering Accounting (Tibet)

Academic requirements: College degree or above

Working place: Tibet

Reference monthly salary: 8000-15000 yuan/month

Salary and benefits: Five insurance, housing fund, commercial insurance, performance bonus, holiday benefits

Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for engineering construction cost, cost accounting and management, project fund use and management, and financial analysis;

2. Responsible for the examination and verification of the reasonable legality of the daily original cost documents of the project, and the arrangement and reimbursement of the expense invoices;

3. Responsible for project tax accounting, daily tax payment, and communication with tax authorities;

4, responsible for daily accounting, accounting statements;

5. Complete the temporary assignments by the leadership.

job requirements:

1. College degree or above, major in finance and accounting

2. Familiar with the accounting process, the application of the accounting system, the financial management experience of the construction unit

3. Complete set of accounting treatment of construction projects can be completed independently

Contact: HR

Contact Tel: (If you meet, you will see, declined to call)

Resume delivery email: syf@jp2003.com

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